Foxygen :: Take The Kids Off Broadway (EP)

It’s not our own world in which “everyone’s talking ‘bout haircuts.” The world Foxygen inhabits – one of enigma, sudden shifts in the weather, triumph and desperation, doesn’t have time for the filler that peppers most of our lives. Here, each crescendo, synth layer, sha-bopped and aah’d harmony section are dropped with deft precision – like Jackson Pollock doing a covers set of Titian paintings.

The bursts and jaunts that erupt across the Take The Kids Off Broadway ep are economical, yet bombastic. Controlled chaos, there’s an order to the world of Foxygen. With influences that reference some of the Kinks oddest moments to Jonathan Richman and the aural decadence of one-time disco troubadour Maxine Nightingale, the ep’s flow is loose, yet one that never feels randomly slapped together from darts thrown at torn out pages of a diary. In this, their homespun world, everything must feel good – each beat, horn, and synth choice must be just so; every gap must be plugged with an experiment, a murmur, a whisper – not another rhythm guitarist; neighbors should be respected when vocals are recorded at night but fuck the neighbors when they’re all at their day jobs. We’ll scream and ooh and ahh as loud as we please. words/ b kramer

MP3: Foxygen :: Abandon My Toys
MP3: Foxygen :: Waitin’ 4 U

11 thoughts on “Foxygen :: Take The Kids Off Broadway (EP)

  1. “like Jackson Pollock doing a covers set of Titian paintings.”

    Nice. I’ve been known to compare some of my baser works to Pollock.

    Don’t ask.

  2. Hella cool!! There’s alot of different sounds going on here! Loving it

  3. Mick Jagger comparisons are justified. Velvets too, it’s all there. And don’t worry Dominic Biermann, no one will.

    Foxygen rule!

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