Mid-70s Parisian proto-punk, spit out in churlish English amidst acres of fuzz and indiscriminate pulsars. This shit is wrong in so many perfect ways. Or as my pal Nick describes it: “Like an incoherent, uber-primitive Velvets or Simply Saucer collaborating with Pierre Henry – what with all the freaky synth doodlings and such.” Also, depending on your level of French, the following interview goes into the roots/history of the short-lived group. Zzzapp.

MP3: Rob Jo Star Band :: I Call On One’s Muse

3 Responses to “Rob Jo Star Band :: I Call On One’s Muse (1975)”

  1. heh, righteous track.

  2. […] Rob Jo Star Band – “I Call On One’s Muse”      [via aqrmdrnkrd] […]

  3. really dig this, that ‘zap’ sound reminds me of a king tubby track. thanks AD as always for digging up some neat stuff!

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