24 thoughts on ““Mississippi” Charles Bevel :: Overheard (1973)

  1. Interesting stereo mix if it is the original. The two vocalists (I’m assuming this isn’t some overdub) are split between stereo left and right. Not a 100% split, but very noticeable in headphones. I don’t know too much about how this stuff works, but maybe it’s a remnant of a mono to stereo conversion?

  2. Sounds like I’m writing spam, but I checked for the record and one is 25 and one is 35 (a promo from ’73). Both OG copies M and VG +.

  3. Fyi…mississippi charles is about to open in portland in the musical ‘it aint nothin’ but the blues’…with eloise laws, sugaray, chic street man and others

  4. Aw, man. This is wonderful. If that rip was widely accessible, it would be a fine, fine thing.

  5. I second that rip request. This would definitely make for a good soundtrack on any one of a number of sunny, stoned afternoons.

  6. Cliff, thanks for the rip, but might you be able to send it via mediafire? Sendspace is stopped in its tracks by my anti-virus.

  7. Friend him on Facebook.

    I was blessed to have him as a mentor friend at CSU during PGWar1.

    This is not even near the shivers and goose bumps his songs, singing, playing and presence evoked then…. We were in a drawing class at the time and his drawings were mind blowing, too.

    His writing for a CSU student paper at the time, far superior to current writings about the goings on then.

    They read better then a Charles Dickens novel… and more wise insight then any journal or top paper was putting out to my inquisitive mind with it’s thirst for knowledge and sensible insight.

    He is very approachable. That southern charm sincere.
    Give it a try!


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