This group sounds like bungalows in canyons; hidden deco stairsteps peeking from leafy hillsides; kustom kars and dovetails and chicks in OP shorts with long, long hair, like a Dennis Hopper photo come to life. – Nick Waterhouse

MP3: The Allah-Las :: Tell Me (What’s On Your Mind)

12 Responses to “The Allah-Las :: Tell Me (What’s On Your Mind)”

  1. Agreed. I’ve had their demo playing non-stop for weeks, really hoping for a full-length soon.

  2. My favorite single of the year so far. Doubt anything will change my mind.

  3. Can’t be bad if sharing the stage with Jonathan Wilson!

  4. This EP is stuck on repeat………”Long Journey” is awesome!

  5. Love the Quicksilver vibe.

  6. I love these dudes, picked up their 45s recently!

  7. While their music is catchy and easy to listen to, it is ultimately lacking authenticity, unoriginal, and derivative without adding anything uniquely its own. Unlike Sharon Stone or Charles Bradley (other current “retro” musicians), these guys give the impression of being little more than people who can copy a style. Where is the SOUL?

  8. These guys completely rule.

  9. I meant to write Sharon JONES, not Stone… Anyway, I maintain that while these guys sound good, they lack artistic integrity.

  10. I’m with the lone dissenter on this. Pretty weak, they bring nothing new to the 60’s/nuggets table. 60’s garage is the new grunge

  11. Sounds like early Stones, Animals, Hollies, etc.

  12. I hear the new Sharon Stone album is a real game changer, a real conversation adder.

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