F.J. McMahon :: Spirit Of The Golden Juice

Santa Barbara, CA folker F.J. McMahon cut his sole release, Spirit Of The Golden Juice, in 1969 following a stint in southeast Asia while serving in the U.S. Air Force. Reflective and contemplative, the album’s outsider,  lo-fi folk vibe pulls from his experiences in Vietnam, at times sounding aesthetically like a sonic counterpart to Jim Schoenfeld with traces of both Fred Neil and Tim Hardin scattered throughout. Regarding the album’s namesake, in an old interview with the Lama Workshop, McMahon explains “the song “Spirit Of The Golden Juice” is about my experiences in Vietnam, Thailand and the PI. The “golden juice” is I.W. Harper bourbon which was the fuel of the times.”

Private press for years, Rev-ola reissued Spirit on compact disc in 2009, and is now available digitally.

MP3: F.J. McMahon :: Sister Brother

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  1. I discovered this song through one of those freebie CDs distributed by the British music mags — it was probably Mojo — last year. Great tune.

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