Nick Waterhouse is a man working a sound rooted in the early Soul and R&B that once piped out of the cathouses, clubs and dancehalls from coast to coast in pre-Beatles America. But forget nostalgia, the seam Waterhouse is working is a far cry from any kind of prefabricated ‘retro’ trip — this is happening here,¬†this is happening now. If last years “Some Place” 45 acted as both calling card and promise of a new sound and voice on the scene, then Times All Gone is the fulfillment of that promise.

Growing up south of Los Angeles in Huntington Beach, CA — the famed beach town internationally known as Surf City USA — Waterhouse found inspiration not in the punk rock lineage that has so often defined the South Bay and Orange County coasts since Black Flag, but in the bohemian Jazz and R&B clubs that haunted those same beachside communities throughout the 50s and 60s. In short, he fell down the rabbit hole seeking out vintage Jazz, R&B, Soul and Pop 45s. With¬†Time’s All Gone he’s emerged to join their ranks.

MP3: Nick Waterhouse :: Some Place (7″ version)

3 Responses to “Nick Waterhouse :: Time’s All Gone”

  1. ‘some place’ is the tits, man.

  2. just saw him last week!

  3. Great song. Thanks for posting.

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