Turquoise Wisdom :: Springtime Promises / A Mixtape

Hi. Turquoise Wisdom (aka Zach Cowie) here with another installment of the SAD SEASONS series for Aquarium Drunkard. Here are some moody jams for a late evening in the springtime. Please also check out this  Beach Boys mixtape  that’s chilling in the Sound Clouds for an early taste of heavy SUMMER feelings…and for you LA readers – I’ll be spinning tunes at  Dublab’s Krautrock Classics  show June 1st and again before Cinespia’s screening of Lolita  in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery Saturday the 2nd. I thank you. -zc

1. This Mortal Coil — The Lacemaker
2. Minnie Ripperton — Le Fleur
3. Makers — Don’t Challenge Me (via Personal Space: Electronic Soul 1974-1984)
4. Francis Bebey — New Track (warning: this record skips)
5. Yo La Tengo — Let’s Save Tony Orlando’s House
6. The Blue Nile — Downtown Lights
7. Interior — Flamengo (please check out Dr Rob’s incredible  Harry Hosono mixtape  that he assembled for the always flawless ‘producer’s series’ on  testpressing.org!)
8. Holger Czukay & U-She — La Premiere — Mudd’s Ode to Phreek mix
9. Pastels — The Viaduct — Kid Loco remix
10. Stereolab — The Stars Our Destination
11. Roedelius — Schone Welt
12. Emmanuelle Parrenin — Ce Matin A Fremontel
13. Popol Vuh — Morgengruss II*
14. Hawkwind — One Change
15. Cocteau Twins — Rilkean Heart — acoustic version
16. Donnie & Joe Emerson — Baby* (from ‘Dreamin’ Wild’ – soon to be reissued on Light In The Attic. many thanks to  Douglas McGowen  for my original copy!)
17. Judy Mayhan — Everlovin’ Ways (thanks  Andy Cabic!)
18. Kendra Smith —   Iridescence 31
19. The Roches — Hammond Song

*contains samples from the film Flirting (thx thanks Kate/Laura)/ artwork by Jess Rotter of Rotter & Friends.

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17 thoughts on “Turquoise Wisdom :: Springtime Promises / A Mixtape

  1. YES. Always love TW’s mixes. Heard he’s compiling/curating that Country Funk comp coming on Light in the Attic, any truth to that?

  2. I love these mixtapes, but I really preferred when they were a bunch of distinct tracks.

  3. “Moody jams for a late evening in the springtime”? Absolutely, beautifully true.

    Just one question: is it AD policy now on mixes to combine the tracks into a single, long mp3? I know earlier mixes had the songs split up.

  4. AD,
    your mixes make studying for the MCAT exponentially more enjoyable. I think your site is the best blog on the web, and you should trust me, I’m almost a doctor.

  5. Hey, sorry i know you’ve said that this and some other mixes will be one single track- but is there any chance of uploading a track by track version of this? I’d be really grateful, these turqoise wisdom mixes are superb btw!

  6. i finally listened to this while making my way through the most chaotic beijing rush hour subway ride ever yesterday and it was perfect. totally sent me/ kept me on an awesome meditative trip throughout, thank you!!!

    i was wondering what you used to make the chapters in the file that everyone’s talking about? seems like a convenient way to make/distribute a mix and i’d love to play around with it, but i haven’t been able to figure it out.

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