1965 cover of Dale Hawkins‘ “La-Do-Dada” via the Hays, Kansas garage outfit The Blue Things. Sped up, the band plays it relatively straight (tempo aside) sounding more British invasion than middle America.

MP3: Dale Hawkins :: La-Do-Dada
The Blue Things :: La-Do-Dada

5 Responses to “The Blue Things :: La-Do-Dada (Dale Hawkins)”

  1. Love The Blue Things! Grey Life by BT member Val Stoecklein is a pretty great LP of 12 string downer folk if you can find it…


  2. damn good cover

  3. hawwwwwkins

  4. Very nice. I prefer the faster version, updated for the more hectic 60s.

  5. I will always love Val Stecklein and his music. Always

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