Part Time Punks: Shoegaze Festival, Los Angeles

Sunday June 24, Part Time Punks will host L.A.'s first-ever music festival showcasing artists that defined, contributed to or were inspired by a short-lived sub-genre explosion of alternative rock dubbed “Shoegaze”. The general etymology and use of the word “Shoegaze” evokes eye-rolling, drunken debates and loads of cheerful nostalgia in equal measures -- depending on who you ask, and most certainly how old you were when bands like RIDE, My Bloody Valentine and Lush were all radio playlist staples on both KROQ and KXLU (imagine that). No matter what your thoughts are on the genre and the always-debatable collection of bands that were lumped into this category, their influence has remained undoubtedly massive and far-reaching to this day, and that’s why this festival is necessary.

Mark Gardener, formerly of UK noise-pop luminaries RIDE, headlines the day-long festival with L.A.’s own Sky Parade (who will also play their own set) as his backing band. Along with Gardener’s solo material, both acts will be playing a large amount of RIDE material in celebration of the band’s 20th anniversary of its sophomore release, Going Blank Again, but I bet you three Vaughn Oliver prints that we’ll probably hear some tracks from Nowhere too.

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