Dig this, you know you wanna. Straight out of Virginia Beach, Bill Deal & The Rhondels 1970 cover of Lennon/McCartney’s “Hey Bulldog”. The fabs…this is not.

MP3: Bill Deal & The Rhondels :: Hey Bulldog

4 Responses to “Bill Deal & The Rhondels :: Hey Bulldog (1970 Beatles Cover)”

  1. Ha, awesome.

  2. this is fucking amazing.

  3. Holy crap!….

  4. i smell a guilty pleasure vibe.

    this was right around the time (1970) they played madison sq garden w/neil young & crazy horse, and deep purple. true story.

    through the ’60s particularly, there were a million cover bands this good–on certain material (early soul like “may i” or “i’ve been hurt”) they could pull it off. basically, a very good party band who lucked into some chart hits, before popular music got quite so self-absorbed.

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