Greasy highlight culled from┬áNumero Group’s Light: On The South Side, in its two and a half minutes “It’s A Dream’s” sinister groove rolls brown sugar molasses slow. An ominous funky blues from the second city anchored by an eight year old drummer. Dig that.

MP3: Lil’ Ed & The Soundmasters :: It’s A Dream

3 Responses to “Lil’ Ed & The Soundmasters :: It’s A Dream”

  1. I dig it. Nice dark groove with some sweet drones and repition. Plus it somehow remind me of Can, especially the vocals. Some dark, wierd world where Can played blues jams on Chicago’s South Side in the late ’70s.

  2. Heard this on Sirius show this morning. Amazing. Can this song be bought? Looks like only in the way of the book and 2-record set.

  3. @eric – via the Numero Group. the og 45s are super rare / $$

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