Lower Dens is on the move. This month we’re presenting both the Los Angeles gig (June 30) at the Troubadour and this weekend’s date deep in the humidity belt, at One Eyed Jacks in New Orleans (June 23). We have eight pairs of tickets to give away to AD readers. To land a pair, leave your name, a working email in the address field we can reach you at and whether you’re looking to hit up the NOLA date or Los Angeles. Ticket winners notified via email, tickets held at will-call.

MP3: Lower Dens :: Tea Lights

45 Responses to “Aquarium Drunkard Presents :: Lower Dens / Los Angeles & NOLA”

  1. Looking to hit up that NOLA gig at the best venue in Louisiana, One Eyed Jacks. I would love some free tickets. Also, thanks for that Bobby Womack post. I’ve been blasting it ever since I read your review.

  2. NOLA, brah.

  3. Los Angeles! Love it!

  4. looka that flyer

  5. I’m here for the Los Angeles Tix. Thanks

  6. Los Angeles, land of dreams.

  7. New Orleans! You’d make my world. 🙂

  8. LA

  9. Los Angeles por favor

  10. Los Angeles!

  11. Trying to hit up the nola show.

  12. Looking for LA tix! Thanks!

  13. Los Angeles.

  14. NOLA pls!
    Big fan of the mondo boys mixtapes

  15. LA!! plz

  16. NOLA show!

    Thank you.

  17. LA!

  18. LA! Please & Thank You

  19. Los Angeles show – thank you AD!

  20. Los Angeles!

  21. Looking for LA show! Late birthday present?

  22. LA

  23. Troub gig por favor

  24. Los Angeles!! I love the poster – is there anywhere I can acquire one?? Also, as a 17-year-old, thanks for finally putting on a show at an all-ages venue!!

  25. Los Angeles! Love the band and the poster!

  26. They’ll sound great in the velvet brothel that is One Eyed Jacks

  27. i’m already going to the show, i just wanna compliment that fine design on the poster/flyer.

  28. […] of right HERE). Also, if you want FREE tickets, you’ve got a chance simply by commenting on this post on the Aquarium Drunkard site. So don’t be foolish – come party this Saturday in the […]

  29. Los angeles if you can spare 2.

  30. New Orleans! Going anyway; would love to go for free so ican buy a t shirt.

  31. road tripping down that way from portland, and would love to see lower dens at the troubador!

  32. Los Angeles. I would love you forever AD

  33. NOLA ya hurd

  34. los angeles, it’s practically my backyard.

  35. Crossing my fingers for LA! Cheers.

  36. Good timing to be visiting Los Angeles from Melbourne. I would sell my own mother for some tickets to the Troubadour show!
    (Not really… But it would definitely make my day!)

  37. La would be lovely!

  38. NOLA whoop whoop!

  39. Aw jeez..LA tix would rule, but if I don’t make the cut, I heart you guys anyway…

  40. LA tickets would be super-rad

  41. Crying right now to Lower Dens. Their music is so beautiful. Winning tickets to their show in LA would be magical.

  42. Anybody at the nola show — how was it??

  43. Los Angeles !!!! The astral gods say that you will pick me…

  44. would be nice at the Troubadour

  45. Didn’t get the free tix, but went anyways… it was absolutely killer! No Joy were absolutely shredding and Lower Dens sounded great!!!

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