Beachwood Sparks :: By Your Side (Sade Cover)

It’s really good to have these guys back. Last week while watching the ‘Beachwood All-Stars’ set at the Fleetwood Mac tribute in LA, I was reminded of how the band really knows its way around a cover – specifically their left field re-imagining of Sade’s “By Your Side“, a highlight of their sophomore album, Once We Were Trees. Here, the Sparks transform the quiet storm R&B of the original into a slice of evergreen, golden coast, mellow. Complete with lilting pedal-steel and harmonica, it comes off more Topanga love song, than jet-set Heathrow.

Beachwood Sparks third LP, The Tarnished Gold, is out this week via Sup Pop. More on that later.

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MP3: Beachwood Sparks :: By Your Side (Sade Cover)

6 thoughts on “Beachwood Sparks :: By Your Side (Sade Cover)

  1. for all of this version’s virtues, this, to me, is one of those covers that really underscores the untouchability of the original. there are few who can step to the majestic sade.

    btw, has anyone else noticed the similarities between “by your side” and “whiter shade of pale”?

  2. great summer stuff…orwells<beachwood, just add crb<assemble head and tame impala<buffalo killers and we got one hot summer!

  3. best version of all time is Gayngs cover recorded in Eau Claire10.01.10. Justin Vernon et al. ‘so much better than that”

  4. A beautiful original song horribly covered and horribly sung. Another example of how Generation UO doesn’t get it.

  5. I agree, Alan, this was terrible!!! Guy made a mess of a beautiful song. Why the hell is he a lead singer???

  6. This is awesome and i’m a huge Sade fan. That’s the thing about a great lyric it could pertain to any genre. If the actual is reading: Good Job you guys!

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