Bomboclat! Island Soak 3 :: A Vintage Rocksteady Mixtape

Just in time for your holiday fade out – Bomboclat! Island Soak 3. Like last summer, the mix is mainly reggae and rocksteady…most of it culled from the late 60’s, largely sourced directly from 45s via our pal John from his days spent in Kingston.

This is the third volume in our vintage Jamaican music series. You can still find the first volume, 2010’s Bomboclat! Island Soak (dub/reggae), here, and last summer’s Bomboclat! Island Soak 2 (rocksteady), here. Download and tracklisting after the jump. Bottoms up…

Download: Bomboclat! Island Soak 3 ::   A Rocksteady Mixtape (Zipped folder)

1) Johnny & the Attractions – I’m Moving On
2) Anderson All-Stars – Intensified Girls
3) Freddie McKay – When I’m Gray
4) King Sporty – DJ Special
5) I-Roy – Red Nuts And Gin
6) Dave Barker – Funky Reggae
7) Primo & Hopeton – Loving and Kind
8) Slim Smith – Sitting In The Park
9) Glen Washington – Rockers No Crackers
10) Glen Adams – Grab A Girl
11) BB Seaton – I’m A Changed Man
12) Desmond Dekker – Reggae Recipe
13) Errol Dunkley – You’ll Never Know
14) The Bassies – Things A Come Up To Bump
15) The Upsetters – Taste Of Killing
16) The Mohawks – Champ Reggae
17) Dennis Alcapone – Home Version
18) Helmsley Morris – You Think I’m A Fool
19) The Ethiopians – Come On Now
20) Derrick Morgan – Rough Rider
21) Clancy Eccles – Uncle Joe
22) Byron Lee & the Dragonaires – My Sweet Lord

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19 thoughts on “Bomboclat! Island Soak 3 :: A Vintage Rocksteady Mixtape

  1. to the guy referencing the 45s (your comment entered spam folder), its my understanding from john 4/5 of the tracks are rips while the others are from cd (trojan, etc) comps. though im hardly expert, and dont know if some of the vinyl rips are now on compilations.

  2. tried to re-download after the zip file wouldn’t unarchive…now it’s a broken link!!

  3. These comps play more than anything else in my North Carolina kitchen. Thanks for a new one!

  4. Do you think you upload all of three of these mixtapes? Can’t seem to be able to download them anymore.


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  6. I’ve listened to this mix countless times and it introduced me to a style of music I was not familiar with. Thanks so much for expanding my horizons.

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