An LA institution, I’ve been following Aaron Embry chase his muse, both solo and otherwise, for close to a decade. September 18th sees the release of his next project, the LP Tiny Prayers via Alex Ebert’s Community Music imprint. Here’s the first taste…

MP3: Aaron Embry :: Moon Of The Daylit Sky

3 Responses to “Aaron Embry :: Moon Of The Daylit Sky”

  1. I’ve heard a lot of mid tempo acoustic guitars with harmonca and so on, but when it’ put together from the heart with a great voice tone it makes me never want to hear electronica again. There is just something about instruments made from wood combined with soul that floats me out to sea.

  2. I like the way I discovered this guy’s music. I can’t describe how it happened, too much detail. but it was great. (It involved a girl and her stereo) beautiful time. 🙂

  3. […] Aaron Embry waited thirty-six years to make his debut album, Tiny Prayers. It’s the type of record you only get a chance to make once. Embry began writing the songs for Tiny Prayers while he was on the road with his friend, Alexander Ebert. Before that, Embry was a hired gun for some other folks you may have heard of (Willie Nelson, Elliot Smith). Mostly a piano player, these songs came to Embry on an old tenor guitar in an octave mandolin tuning and a harmonica. […]

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