Moonshining :: Spotify/Twenty Tracks

The latest installment of my Spotify playlists for Rhino is now live. Moonshining, this week’s twenty track selection is a nocturnal ride trough the back catalogs of Will Oldham, Dirty Three, J. Tillman, Scout Niblett, Brightblack Morning Light, Phosphorescent, Califone and more. Playlist here, direct Spotify link here.

3 thoughts on “Moonshining :: Spotify/Twenty Tracks

  1. love u guys.

    always making my workday better (seriously, spent all morning listening to Tiger Bear Wolf – and then by the afternoon – 20 song mixtape to throw on my Spotify). what an age we live in…

  2. um, maybe I’m doing this wrong, but Spotify isn’t available in Canada and thus I am unable to listen to this glorious playlist. Help? your Canadian fan (me) is distraught

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