Tuesday night (8/7) Aquarium Drunkard presents Bear In Heaven in Los Angeles at the Echoplex. We have five pairs tickets for AD readers. If looking to hit up the show, leave a comment below with your name and and an email in the address field (its hidden from the public) we can reach you at. Winners notified Sunday night; tickets held at will-call.


13 Responses to “AD Presents :: Bear In Heaven / The Echoplex, August 7th”

  1. Love the echoplex. Love this band.

  2. Ah! This would be a daymaker!

  3. great place to see them! let me go please?

  4. I wanna dance!

  5. im down for a 3 hour drive

  6. Love me some Bear In Heaven

  7. yes please!

  8. More comments then tickets but worth a try

  9. Please :0)

  10. Please! 🙂

  11. Oh man I would love to go!

  12. I would definitely trip massive balls if I went to this concert. sounds like a blast

  13. can i get these tickets please?

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