Saturday night at One Eyed Jacks, Aquarium Drunkard presents an evening with Lindsey Buckingham. We’re giving away a few pairs of tickets to AD readers. To enter, leave you name, an email we can reach you at and your favorite Mac album. Winners notified via email; tickets held at will-call.

16 Responses to “AD Presents :: Lindsey Buckingham / New Orleans / Saturday Night”

  1. I love Go Insane.

  2. Rumors. Nuff said

  3. Ok, it’s obvious, but only because it’s one of the greatest albums ever: rumours.

  4. Rumours is obvious, but only because it’s great.

  5. Sorry for the multiple posts, something weird happened.

  6. 1969 Fleetwood mac single Oh Well Pt 1 and Pt 2 becuase peter green is a golden god.

  7. Tusk, very odd album when I was little. Plus there were naked women on the cover.

  8. I hate Fleetwood Mac

  9. i dig ‘tango in the night’, because i’m an 80s baby.

    same reason i love ‘holiday road’.

  10. TUSK! Its always on…

  11. Rumors it’s timeless

  12. I love them all, but I’d have to say my favorite Mac album is Tusk!

  13. Preaching the Blues ain’t too shabby (But Rumors ain’t bad either)

  14. I love Lindsey’s work on TUSK.

  15. Any Lindsey song with guitar riffs in it. You da man !

  16. Tusk

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