Matthew E. White :: The Lagniappe Sessions

Lagniappe (la ·gniappe) noun ‘lan-ˌyap,’ — 1. An extra or unexpected gift or benefit. 2. Something given or obtained as a gratuity or bonus.

A veritable bouillabaisse of sound, Matthew E. White’s debut LP, Big Inner, is set for joint release  August 21st via Hometapes and Spacebomb. Here, on the twelfth installment of the Lagniappe Sessions, he pays tribute to LA’s own Randy Newman and singer/songwriter/sideman legend, Joe South. White, in his own words, below.

Matthew E. White :: Games People Play (Joe South)

Joe South wrote this song in 1968 and Lee Dorsey covered it in 1970. His version, produced by Allen Toussaint, is one that I have grown to absolutely love. The form — 4 verses, 2 instrumentals, 4 verses (no chorus!) is perfectly hypnotic and the tone of the language is terrific. I wanted to include (albeit through a 3rd party songwriter) a song I knew from a New Orleans tradition as that city is so close to to the heart of all the music that I make.

Matthew E. White :: I’ll Be Home (Randy Newman)

Years ago I tracked down Randy Newman’s house in L.A., found the guts to ring the doorbell and was clueless enough to drop off a few cd’s I had made. Randy Newman has been a primary influence on my songwriting and his work is deeply inspiring for me. “I’ll Be Home” has always been one of my favorites, it’s clarity is brilliant, an incredible showcase of a gifted craftsman.