You get them first — airs Friday on the Aquarium Drunkard show on SIRIUS XMU. Recorded June 2012 at Sunset Sound during the Orwells L.A. stint. Get this: The Orwells Remember When.

MP3: The Orwells :: Southern Comfort (Aquarium Drunkard Session) **
MP3: The Orwells :: Halloween All Year (Aquarium Drunkard Session)
MP3: The Orwells :: In My Bed (Aquarium Drunkard Session)
MP3: The Orwells :: Mallrats (Aquarium Drunkard Session)

**unreleased (new)

Special thanks to Rico Csabai, Todd Burke (producer/engineer), Dave Schwerkolt (engineer Sunset Sound) and Craig Hubler (GM) and the sunset sound studio and staff. Photo/ Eddie O’Keefe

16 Responses to “The Orwells :: Aquarium Drunkard Session”

  1. Thank you for the awesomeness of these tunes!

  2. Heard this was happening. Rad.

  3. lovely

  4. These kids are amazing.

  5. Good fresh stuff! Lots of success to ya!

  6. Thanks for the exposure to these guys. Rad indeed.

  7. […] The Orwells recently played four songs for Aquarium Drunkard – three from Remember When and one new one. Check it out: […]

  8. […] Download The Orwells Aquarium Drunkard Session, HERE… […]

  9. AQDR brings out the best in these guys — that’s a much more powerful version of In My Bed than the one previously posted, and these other songs sound very good as well.

  10. Really awesome! Absolutely love!

  11. These kids fucking rock.

  12. Absolutely smoking songs…..

    Hozac will probably be crying after hearing songs #1 & #3.

    So any shows lined up for Chicago?

  13. Halloween All Year is the best song I’ve heard in a long time! Thank you for posting this

  14. […] from high school.” They’ve garnered attention from some of the best in the blogosphere: Aquarium Drunkard, My Old Kentucky Music Blog, Prefix Mag (see interview), and also that one blog that no one reads […]

  15. […] been missing out.) Aquarium Drunkard did a session with them which is available for download here. Pitchfork did that thing where they review tracks. They stupidly did not name it a Best New Track. […]

  16. Any way to get this back up? For some reason, mine no longer read in itunes

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