Blues/garage/gospel/punk/folk…introducing New Orleans’ Benjamin Booker. Via the Waiting Ones demos (2012).

MP3: Benjamin Booker :: Have You Seen My Son?

11 Responses to “Benjamin Booker: Have You Seen My Son / Waiting Ones (Demos)”

  1. feeling this.

  2. good!

  3. Where can I get his demos?

  4. Awesome!

  5. @michaela – bandcamp

  6. You can download a couple of the tracks on his bandcamp page

  7. this shit is dope, who is this kid?

  8. This is amazing!

  9. Holy shit…you were wring about this guy back in 2012? Magic ball much in your spare time?

  10. […] 2012 I wrote about a young guy living in New Orleans who had just released a set of self-recorded demos. His name was Benjamin […]

  11. Any one have the bandcamp release of this EP? Trying to find it anywhere. Seems nowhere to be found!!!

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