Montego Bay’s Willie Dickson & The Playboys (doing their best James Brown) covering “Licking Stick“. Released one year after the godfather laid the joint down via a two-part 7” single.

MP3: Willie Dickson & The Playboys :: Licking Stick

5 Responses to “Willie Dickson & The Playboys :: Licking Stick (1969)”

  1. The bldg in the bg was the French pavilion at Expo67. It has been the Montréal Casino for many years.

  2. Cool band, but what’s the point of covering JB?

  3. very cool indeed ! Thx also to Alphonse 4 the background bldg info, I wondered !

  4. I was just gonna point out what Alphonse has already pointed out. This record has to have been made for Expo 67–dig the way they highlighted “EXPO” in the title.

  5. The building is still Montreal’s Casino. One of the 2 or 3 only pavillion left…
    Hasn’t changed much.

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