East Side Story (Never Mind The Bullets 1966-1974)

In the early 2000s I was turned on to a website that was solely devoted to providing a history of Michigan’s, and more specifically, Detroit’s early rocknroll and garage rock scenes from the early-mid 60s. I have the site to thank for my first taste of early Bob Seger; and by that I mean the raw primordial shit that was a far cry from the spit-shined, ready for prime-time, Silver Bullet Band of the 1970s. Which brings us to 2010’s Never Mind The Bullets: 1966-74, a fan-made 27 track compilation that rounds up Seger’s early days in Detroit banging around solo, with various pick-up bands and with the Bob Seger System. Stylistically the set varies (a lot) from era-appropriate psychedelia, obligatory blatant Dylan ripoffs (“Persecution Smith“) to parody(?) (“Ballad of The Yellow Berets“). But it’s the rock ‘n roll that’s worth the price of admission – or in this case, seeking out the bootleg online.

Here’s a little taste. 1966’s “East Side Story ” – Seger’s first single with his group The Last Heard. Â  A fuzzy mix of, say, Them’s “Gloria” – if Ray Manzarek were on loan – fronted by…well, Bob fucking Seger. Dig it.

MP3: Bob Seger :: East Side Story

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  1. that’s a solid comp, but it’s worth tracking down the complete albums of Smokin’ OPs and Back in ’72. Seven is good, but kinda over-rated, and if you’re going to pull a track from Mongrel it should be “Evil Edna.” That one totally smokes.

  2. I grew up listening to radio-friendly Seger and unapologetically love it all (“Like a Rock,” “Hollywood Nights,” “Against the Wind” etc). But this….this is something else. I NEED to find this comp. I miss you Captain Crawl.

  3. Seger slays them all. My fave jam has always been “2+2=?”, but I wanted to say that I, too, would love to hear that “Sock ItToMeSanta.”. Heard it once, but have never been able to find it.

  4. I’d like to hear the single “Heavy Music”…not the version from Live Bullet but the original. It got some airplay of CKLW back in the ’60s and a Cleveland area band back then did a solid cover..but I can’t find it….

  5. @TylerW – thanks for sharing that here (I can’t do it in the post proper). was stoked to see you pimping the set awhile back on your tumblr page too. – AD

  6. This is nothing short of a treasure trove. I don’t care what people say, you freaks are AAALLLL RIIIGHT!!

    Noobs, Mongrel is far and away the best of the old Seger albums, plan accordingly. I was in junior high when “Against the Wind” came out and I was sort of into it, then sort of meh as time went by. One day I picked up Seger System for a buck, then I had to run the table on the rest.

    Now can we have some love for real old Steve Miller?

  7. Don’t have much to add to this excellent conversation, but I will say the first seven Seger albums are all worth checking/seeking out. Someday (I hope) this stuff will get proper reissue treatment, but from what I’ve heard, Seger isn’t interested. The early stuff really puts him back into musical/historical context–instead of deifying him as the classic rock radio playlists have.

    For more of the same, I love his write-up on Smokey & the Miracles: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/lists/100-greatest-artists-of-all-time-19691231/smokey-robinson-and-the-miracles-19691231

  8. I remember discovering the “East Side Story” 45 at my college radio station in the 80s and being blown away. As a longtime Seger eye-roller I still knew he had some ok early stuff like “2+2”, but this was a whole different deal…in a good way. Also, someone told me they changed “The Last Heard” name because, when said aloud, it sounds like “The Last Turd”.

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