Leave it to those weirdos of the north, the state that gives us as much feedback as it does soft melodies, for someone to tap into that fleetingest of superlatives: “this sounds like lost Talking Heads demos.” Holy Komodo, hailing from the K-dominated woods of Olympia, WA turned in just such a sound, touched also by torch bearing descendants like Akron/Family as much as by childhood Jazz lessons. Friends and family of recently AD loved Foxygen, the aesthetic doesn’t stray between the bands – as many moments feel polished as tarnished, tired and exuberant. It’s no stretch to imagine Holy Komodo on stage, warming up before a show, as bitter men and women of all ages smirk and cringe at the muted trumpet player – and shaking there heads in a very different, pounded, upbeat way an hour later as the show crescendos. words/ b kramer

MP3: Holy Komodo :: Animals And Buildings

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  1. Very nice!

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