Holy Komodo :: Magnetik Gak (EP)

Leave it to those weirdos of the north, the state that gives us as much feedback as it does soft melodies, for someone to tap into that fleetingest of  superlatives: “this sounds like lost Talking Heads demos.” Holy Komodo, hailing from the K-dominated woods of Olympia, WA turned in just such a sound, touched also by torch bearing  descendants  like Akron/Family as much as by childhood Jazz lessons. Friends and family of recently AD loved Foxygen, the aesthetic doesn’t stray between the bands – as many moments feel polished as tarnished, tired and exuberant. It’s no stretch to imagine Holy Komodo on stage, warming up before a show, as bitter men and women of all ages smirk and cringe at the muted trumpet player – and shaking there heads in a very different, pounded, upbeat way an hour later as the show crescendos. words/  b kramer

MP3: Holy Komodo :: Animals And Buildings

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