Pescado Rabioso :: Cementerio Club (1973, Argentina)

Argentina’s Pescado Rabioso existed in name only by the time this laid back groove was produced and released in 1973. Culled from the band’s best, fourth, and final record, Artaud, “Cementerio Club” is a dead man’s blues — a man cut down by by his lover’s contempt, left for dead from the heat of too many moments. And when our dead man sings of how sad and lonely he’ll be in that cemetery, you can hear in his words and playing a relief more soothing and far greater than another hot summer with his nena. words/ a bellmas

MP3: Pescado Rabioso :: Cementerio Club

6 thoughts on “Pescado Rabioso :: Cementerio Club (1973, Argentina)

  1. Nice! I wasn’t hip to Luis Alberto Spinetta till early this year and have been knocked out by him since. Pescado Rabioso, Almendra, Invisible, his solo work…just amazing. It’s also led me to some other badass 70s Argentine rock – Color Humano, Billy Bond, Pappo. Kudos for spotlighting this. As always, keep up the great work.

  2. du2u, the whole album is an absolute masterpiece. Even though he used the band’s moniker, this is Luis at his solo best. However it is that you get it, you’ll be happy you did.

  3. So cool u shared this. Im a musician from Argentina too, I can tell u that Luis was such an awesome person as well as an artist. If u are starting out with his solo work u can try to listen Peluson of milk. Incredible! Try to land to any of his records!. Bye, 🙂

  4. This song is so moving, and brings me to tears almost every time I listen to it. Thank you for bringing Spinetta to more Anglophones! And I second JLL: Artaud is a masterpiece: find a way to purchase it.

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