Ray Stinnett :: A Fire Somewhere

Wooly Bully” this is not. Following his departure from Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs, Ray Stinnett took off for the Haight in 1967. Shacking up at the Morning Star Ranch with his wife and young son, Stinnett bean sowing the seeds on what would later become A Fire Somewhere — a record that would languish unreleased and in obscurity until now. Four long decades after A&M first shelved the tapes, Fire sees its belated release next month via LITA. Welcome home.

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6 thoughts on “Ray Stinnett :: A Fire Somewhere

  1. Ray’s visage always stood out on the Sam the Sham album covers. Wondered where he evolved to for years. Thanks AD.

  2. or hall & oates was inspired by ray as they didn’t record their first track until 1972 … great album though. very much looking forward to it arriving!

  3. Beautiful song! Amazing album, finally got it on Saturday at Mount Analog. This song reminds me of the love my dad has for my mom. Timeless indeed!

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