VU meter at peak LED. Twenty-seven minute ghost transmission scanning the midnight radio — on your dial residing somewhere between here and the astral plane. Direct download, below.

Last week’s broadcast can be found, here. Subscribe to future transmissions, via the podcast, HERE.

MP3: Sidecar: Transmission / 2

Allah-Las – Tell Me What’s On Your Mind
The Strange Boys – Should Have Shot Paul (AD edit)
The Zombies – Sticks And Stones
Thee Oh Sees – The Sun Goes All Around
Lantern – Bleed Me Dry
Canarios – Trying So Hard
Screaming Lord Sutch – Flashing Lights
Bob Azzam & His Orchestra – The Last Time
Alex Chilton – Jumpin’ Jack Flash
Johnny & The Attractions – I’m Moving On

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21 Responses to “Aquarium Drunkard: Sidecar (Transmission 2)”

  1. Diggum

  2. these are the shit.

  3. can i subscribe through iTunes? thanks!

  4. @Nomakid – yeah, plug the RSS feed into iTunes podcast or whatever you use and it will update whenever new ones go live. – AD

  5. Just got caught up with your first one last night (dope). Hope these continue to be on the regular.

  6. dang dude, nice one

  7. Justin,
    Any chance one of these Transmissions could be the “Midnight Radio” mix you put together for When You Awake? Or something of its ilk? Been dying to hear it but the link is long long dead.

  8. fuck yeah keep em coming man

  9. @ Alex – blast from the past. I made that mix for her a few years ago. not sure I even still have it. maybe she can re-up it for you.

  10. Bob Azzam — guy was the shit.

  11. soundtracking my nite here in atl

  12. These rule!

  13. […] Though they sing in French, their charm is practically a cognate. Rocking and stomping commes des frères Felices, Canailles’ songs, like those of their cultural forebears, were written for dances and outdoor gatherings; when I saw them last week at a barbecue in Montreal’s Parc de la Petite-Italie, they led a crowd of middle-aged québécois ladies and Mile End hipsters through a clomping line dance. Here, caught live in an Elvis-themed used appliance store down the street from Parc LaFontaine, Canailles barrel through “Bien-être,” a standout from this year’s Manger du bois, as the owner looks on, a smile beginning to twitch beneath his mustache. words/ m garner […]

  14. Groovy

  15. […] Note: the first hour of today’s show is made up of the first 2 transmissions from our new podcast, SIDECAR, which can be downloaded HERE and HERE. […]

  16. just lovely

  17. This is really good, all three of these are great/interesting, tho I thought Ive heard everything..Thanks A LOT !

  18. […] The first two broadcasts can be found, here and here. […]

  19. Thank you. thank you. Just thank you.

  20. […] transmissions via iTunes and/or through the RSS, here. First four transmissions can be found, here, here, here. and […]

  21. […] called again?’ with a distinctive vintage flavor. You can find this week’s transmission here, as well as the info to subscribe to an RSS feed for the […]

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