We’re heading to New York, so come party with us. Aquarium Drunkard – CMJ 2012 – No Jacket Required. October 16th at Mercury Lounge. Tickets available, here. Let’s do this.

Dent May ~ The Orwells ~ Tashaki Miyaki ~ Foxygen ~ Calvin Love ~ Rafiq Bhatia ~ Murals ~

DJ Sets by Mondo Boys

8 Responses to “Aquarium Drunkard Presents: No Jacket Required – CMJ 2012 – October 16th – Mercury Lounge”

  1. THERE

  2. When will the new MONDO BOYS mix be entering our dimension?

  3. Orwells in NYC! !

  4. Justin, Thanks for putting this together. We will be there. Liv, Luv & Rock Cousteau!

  5. is there rsvp?

  6. Looking forward to this, any idea what the set times are? Really don’t want to miss Foxygen

  7. Foxygen ep is the shit. Going.

  8. […] manning the decks at the Aquarium Drunkard CMJ party / NYC, Mercury Lounge / Oct […]

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