A collaboration a long time in the making, our guest mixtape series returns this week with Monster Rally.  Self-described as a “collection of influences, prime vinyl gems, voice mails, stories, day dreams, and straight funk from across the globe”, the set is – in a word – simpatico. Monster Rally guests this Friday on our SIRIUS/XMU show.

MP3: Aquarium Drunkard Presents :: Monster Rally – A Mixtape (continuous stream)

Tracklisting after the jump…

 Zipped: Monster Rally (A Mixtape)

Beach Boys – Untitled Bootleg
Mogollar – Cigrik
The Polynesians – Lani Kai
Ken Nordine – Lesson Number 1
Gandalf – Tiffany Rings
Baris Manco – Tavuklara Kisst De
Shah Marg – There’ll Always Be Stars in the Sky
Mutatu Astatke and his Ethiopi – Mascaram Setaba
A Message From EARN-E (Wombats n’ Shit)
Ghostface Killah – Mighty Deadly (Siik Forces of Nature Remix)
Alton Ellis – If I Could Rule This World
Ken Nordine – Hippy Version of the 23rd Psalm
Damon – Don’t You Feel Me Loving You
The Hygrades – Rough Rider
J Dilla – Yesterday
Andrew G Pernetti  – Track 2
Ken Nordine – Outer Space
Omar Khorshid – Rahbaniyet [edit]
Les Gam’s – Attention ! Accident
Monster Rally – Slicer [edit]
A Message From Big Foot Henry (One Shots)
Madlib – African Walk (Zamunda)
Idris Muhammad – Crab Apple
Francois de Raboix – Partout L’Electricite [edit]
The Strangers – Two To Make a Pair
The Polynesians – Mahina
Ken Nordine – Bubble Gum [edit]
Barrington Levy – Sensimelia (Madlib Edit)
Beach Boys – Untitled Bootleg
Augustus ‘Gussie’ Clarke – Murderer
A Message From Shancy (Beef Stew)
Monster Rally – Right Now
A Tribe Called Quest – Jam
The Polynesians – Go Around The Island
Fabio – Lindo Sonho Delirante
Stray Phrases – Donuts Live [edit]
Ken Nordine – 7 + 1
Shah Marg – Desert

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  1. YES !!

  2. Boom

  3. the mediafire link is denying permission??

  4. guess mf didn’t like that link. will remedy later.

  5. YES

  6. Download it from my dropbox!


  7. boom…for real

  8. Nice selection.
    (The song Partout l’electricite is by François de Roubaix)

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