Mixing trad-folk, funk and soul with straight jazz sensibilities, Callier’s “Candyman” is the cornerstone of his 1973 LP What Color Is Love?. Due to the strength of the album as a whole, cornerstone is high praise (see: “Dancing Girl,” and “What Color is Love”). Within the tracks seven minutes and twenty-one seconds, Callier, lyrically, lays his shit down – backed by a wave of percussion and a bassline that would make would Shuggie Otis sit up and take notice.  Words cannot do this song justice. Press play.

MP3: Terry Callier :: You Goin’ To Miss Your Candyman

7 Responses to “Terry Callier :: You Goin’ To Miss Your Candyman”

  1. Genius

  2. such an epic record

  3. Great Album, even the cover is great!

  4. i always loved this track, he will be missed

  5. So great. The rhythm and percussion on this is incredibly fluid and propulsive. Is that an actual bass, or is it Charles Stepney on a Fender Rhodes?

  6. Infinite, thank you.

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