Danny & The Memories :: Land of A 1000 Dances

In his recent memoir, Waging Heavy Peace, Neil Young comes across this ancient Scopitone on YouTube. “I looked at it maybe twenty times in a row,” he writes. Why such interest in this fuzzy piece of video from the mid-60s? Because it’s a rare vision of Danny and the Memories, featuring Danny Whitten, Ralph Molina and Billy Talbot — the trio that would become the original Crazy Horse. The group, looking slick and suave here, is a far cry from the ragged glory of “Down By The River” and “Cinnamon Girl,” but the clip is still an fascinating piece of the puzzle, a blurred glimpse into the dream life. “Even though Danny was amazing and he held the Horse together in the early days, I did not know how great Danny was until I saw this!” Neil marvels. “The moves! What an amazing dancer he was. His presence on this performance is elevating … I am telling you, the world missed one of the greatest when Danny and the Memories did not have a NUMBER ONE smash record back in the day.” words/ t wilcox

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