Aquarium Drunkard: Sidecar (Transmission 6) — Podcast / Mixtape


Buffalo print/autumn width.. More freeform interstitial airwave debris transmitting somewhere off the coast of Los Angeles.

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MP3: Sidecar: Transmission / 6

Jim Sullivan – Highways
The 31st Of February – God Rest His Soul
F.J. McMahon – Sister Brother
Gary Higgins – Thicker Than A Smokey
Merit Hemmingson – Brudmarsch efter Florsen i Burs
Arthur Verocai – Sylvia
Alex Chilton – Don’t Worry Baby (fragment)
Jessica Pratt – Night Faces
Susan Christie – Paint A Lady
Willis Earl Beal – Monotony

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18 thoughts on “Aquarium Drunkard: Sidecar (Transmission 6) — Podcast / Mixtape

  1. That Jim Sullivan record from a couple years back is outstanding, as is the (strange) story surrounding it.

  2. God, these keep getting better. I get the whole transminssion-vibe, but any chance you’ll start throwing up the individual .zip as well (ala Mondo Boys or the guest mixtape series?) After digesting these for a few days, there’s always a track or two that I’d really like to have on my 8gb phone….today the Hemmingson. Just wondering. Either way, very cool.

  3. Can’t wait to dig into this. Those F.J. McMahon and Jessica Pratt tracks were getting heavy play over here on the weekend.

  4. Wow, caught the tail end of this one the other day on XMU and was really struck by on of the last female vocal tracks. Surfed my way here this morning and so happy to be able to ID it as Susan Christie. Couldn’t remember which blog radio show it was at first, sorry, but remembered it must have been Friday and the host saying something about a podcast I could download, so here I ended up. Thanks! Just googled a bit about her and love that her album was considered “too out there” during her time. Now I want to go and see if anymore of those tracks are available…

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