Catching Up With The Growlers :: The AD Interview

The Growlers’  music that has trickled out over the past few years is scrappy, sloppy, and immediate. They call it “beach goth” -- lo-fi surf rock with a country backbeat. On tape the music sounds chill, but in concert it achieves a frenzying effect; a surprisingly tight and no nonsense live show helmed by the devil-may-care charisma of lead singer, and grungy surfer-dude chief, Brooks Nielson.
Earlier in this year, The Growlers were poised to get a big boost. Longtime fan Dan Auerbach (of The Black Keys) invited the Californians to his studio in Nashville to craft their next album. But after a week in the studio the band ditched the sessions claiming the results were “overcooked.” It was a buzz-kill for the fans, but the group didn’t seem to lose too much sleep over it, returning to California to make their record, DIY-style. The results (the first full length Growlers record in several years), Hung at Heart, is now poised for release. After the jump, Brooks and guitarist/singer Matt Taylor treated AD to a spritely, spirited conversation about this transitional moment in their band’s career. Dig in. . .

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