An unreleased demo, prior to the 1989 Dreams boxset, The 31st Of February’s “God Rest His Soul” features the nascent pairing of brothers Duane and Gregg Allman.  Recorded at TK Studios in Hialeah, FL, the song is culled from sessions that would include a number of early demos that were soon be fleshed out, and find prominence, in the group that would solidify their legacy. Like the Davies brothers, there was something ineffable and transcendent about this sibling musical pairing. RIP Duane.

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MP3: The 31st Of February :: God Rest His Soul

3 Responses to “The 31st Of February :: God Rest His Soul”

  1. This is great. Really soulful and genuine.

  2. Whoa. Good call.

  3. This tune is reminiscent of Moby Grape

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