Over the past couple of years I’ve been irregularly highlighting some of my favorite voices online (and beyond), inviting them to guest DJ my show on SIRIUS XMU. For those of you sans satellite radio we’ve been turning these sets into mixtapes, with sounds ranging from the blown-out psych bootcut of DJ Turquoise Wisdom, to the international taboo of Ponytone. Today we catch up with the host behind one of my favorite radio programs of the past year, Jet Lag.

Hosted by Yoon Nam, Jet Lag concentrates on vinyl recordings of international psych, prog, outsider folk, vintage soundtracks, library music, and other rare sounds from the 60s and 70s. It airs Sunday nights from 8 -10 pm on WRAS Atlanta, 88.5FM. Founded in 2006, Yoon traverses the globe weekly featuring a diverse mix ranging from PFM and Ejwuusl Wessahqqan, to Jean Le Fennec and Korean masters Jung Hyun Shin and Jung Mi Kim.

After the jump — two hours of Jet Lag, broken up into two sets.

Download: Jet Lag: A Mixtape – First Hour (zipped folder, 81mb) (alt link)

Teddy Neeley/ Where You Are/ Teddy Neeley (USA, 1969)
Jean Le Fennec/ Mes Enfants D’Autre Part/ Phantastic (France,1969)
Hoon Hee Jeong/ When Love Turns to Hate/ Hoon Hee Jeong (Korea, 1972)
Arzachel/ Azathoth/ Arzachel (UK, 1969)
Eva/ Moi La Fille En Noir/ “Les Enchaines” 45 (France, 1965)
Nite People/ Love, Love, Love, Love, Love (UK, 1969—copy ripped is Italian 7” from 1970)
Trevor McNamara/ Black Girl/ Yeah Captain (Australia, 1969)
Spirit/ Fog/ Model Shop OST (USA, 1968)
Choo Ja Kim/ Ah, My Lost Love/ Before It’s Late (my translation, Korea, 1969)
Mortimer/ Where Dragons Guard the Doors/ Mortimer (USA, 1967/8)
Vladimir Cosma/ Neige et Metal/ Protocole, Industrie et Paysage (France, 1972)
Cruciferius/ Big Bird/ A Nice Way of Life (France, 1970)
Blackbirds/ All You Need/ Touch of Music (Germany, 1971)
Martin Kratochvil-April Orchestra/ Planantissimo/ April Orchestra vol. 32 (France, 1979)
Jason Havelock/ Waiting/ Pop Symphony (France, 1969)

Download: Jet Lag: A Mixtape – Second Hour (zipped folder, 81mb) (alt link)

Simon Finn/ Big White Car/ Pass the Distance (UK, 1970)
Shin Joong Hyun and Yupjeons/ Anticipation / Shin Joong Hyun and Yupjeons (Korea, 1974)
George Romanos/ My Little Girl/ Two Small Blue Horses (Greece, 1970)
Sinn Sisamouth/ Quando My Love/ Cambodian Rocks vol. 1 (Cambodia, early 70s?)
Madden and Harris/ Will You Be There/ Fools Paradise (Australia, 1975)
Odin/ Tribute to Frank/ Odin (UK, 1972)
Limonada/ Cambiar La Rosa/ Limonada (Uruguay, 1970)
Fuchsia/ Me and My Kite/ Fuchsia (UK, 1971)
Key Boys/ The Memory of the Seashore/ Key Boys Gold (Korea, 1975)
J. Sisa/ Joc de Boles/ Orgia (Spain, 1970)
Alexander Skip Spence/ War in Peace/ Oar (USA, 1968)
Lightshine/ Nightmare/ Feeling (Germany, 1976)
Grupo de Experimentacion/ Salgo de Casa/ Grupo de Experimentacion Sonora Del ICAIC (Cuba, 1975)
Hoang Oanh/ Loi Ru Cua Me (Vietnam, 7” ep with Nhat Truong and Ha Tranh, 1966)

18 Responses to “Aquarium Drunkard Presents: Jet Lag – A Mixtape”

  1. can’t wait to get home and load this one up, thanks again…

  2. Always great work! thanks!

  3. Dope

  4. Hour 2 is soundtracking the rest of my day.

  5. Yoon owns. She’s the best in college radio in ATL. Hands down.

  6. […] Yoon Nam, of Jet Lag Radio, in my guest selector this week. You can download her DJ set, HERE. Calvin Love’s aquarium […]

  7. This set is not up to par. Too sedate.

  8. Definitely some new favorites here. I love the mix, the soft and pretty makes the noisy parts even noisier to my ear. Nice.

  9. Definitely some new favorites here. I love the mix! The pretty makes the noise noisier.

  10. Stunning, warm, and groovy, not exactly sedating. This is extremely welcome!

  11. I feel like I’m high listenign to this. Oh wait, I AM.

  12. anyone got any leads on the Martin Kratochvil April Orchestra vol. 32? can’t find it anywhere. thanks for this mix!

  13. Is it possible to re upload it ?

  14. I second the re-upload! I love these soundtracks!

  15. please post again would love to hear this

  16. I would love to hear this mix. Can it be linked again please?

  17. Missed this first time around. I second (fourth/fifth?) the upload request (for both Jet Lags). Or could someone who downloaded it already post a new link? Many thanks!

  18. To hear it in streaming form, head over to the AD Mixcloud :: https://www.mixcloud.com/aquariumdrunkard/jet-lag/

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