SIRIUS/XMU :: Aquarium Drunkard Show (Noon EST, Channel 35)

Our weekly two hour show on SIRIUS/XMU, channel 35, can be heard twice every Friday — Noon EST with an encore broadcast at Midnight EST.

Notes: Yoon Nam, of Jet Lag Radio, in my guest selector this week. You can download her DJ set, HERE. Calvin Love’s aquarium drunkard can be downloaded, HERE.

SIRIUS 269: Jean Michel Bernard – Generique Stephane ++ Teddy Neeley/ Where You Are/ Teddy Neeley ++ Jean Le Fennec/ Mes Enfants D’Autre Part/ Phantastic ++ Hoon Hee Jeong/ When Love Turns to Hate/ Hoon Hee Jeong ++ Arzachel/ Azathoth/ Arzachel ++ Eva/ Moi La Fille En Noir/ “Les Enchaines” 45 ++ Nite People/ Love, Love, Love, Love, Love ++ Trevor McNamara/ Black Girl/ Yeah Captain ++ Spirit/ Fog/ Model Shop OST ++ Choo Ja Kim/ Ah, My Lost Love/ Before It’s Late ++ Mortimer/ Where Dragons Guard the Doors/ Mortimer ++ Vladimir Cosma/ Neige et Metal/ Protocole, Industrie et Paysage ++ Cruciferius/ Big Bird/ A Nice Way of Life ++ Blackbirds/ All You Need/ Touch of Music ++ Martin Kratochvil-April Orchestra/ Planantissimo/ April Orchestra vol. 32 ++ Jason Havelock/ Waiting/ Pop Symphony ++ Simon Finn/ Big White Car/ Pass the Distance   ++ Shin Joong Hyun and Yupjeons/ Anticipation / Shin Joong Hyun and Yupjeons ++ George Romanos/ My Little Girl/ Two – Small Blue Horses ++   Sinn Sisamouth/ Quando My Love/ Cambodian Rocks vol. 1 ++ Madden and Harris/ Will You Be There/ Fools Paradise ++ Odin/ Tribute to Frank/ Odin ++   Limonada/ Cambiar La Rosa/ Limonada ++ Fuchsia/ Me and My Kite/ Fuchsia ++ Key Boys/ The Memory of the Seashore/ Key Boys Gold ++ J. Sisa/ Joc de Boles/ Orgia ++ Alexander Skip Spence/ War in Peace/ Oar ++ Lightshine/ Nightmare/ Feeling ++ Grupo de Experimentacion/ Salgo de Casa/ Grupo de Experimentacion Sonora Del ICAIC ++ Hoang Oanh/ Loi Ru Cua Me ++ Calvin LoveMagic Hearts (AD Session) ++ Calvin Love – Gut Feeling (AD Session) ++ Calvin Love :: Destroyer (AD Session) ++ Calvin Love – Treasure Hunters (AD Session)

*You can listen, for free, online with the SIRIUS three day trial – just submit an email address and they will send you a password.

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