Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy :: Christmas Eve Can Kill You (Everly’s)

‘Tis the season and pass the egg nog. As a warm-up to their forthcoming 2013 full-length paying tribute to the Everly Brothers, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy and Dawn McCarthy just released their take on the Everly’s “Christmas Eve Can Kill You“.

You can pick it both digitally and via 7”, here, and catch the video after the jump. Glory glory, hallelujah, indeed.

2 thoughts on “Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy :: Christmas Eve Can Kill You (Everly’s)

  1. Great song, these two mesh really well. I’m anticipating the lp next year. I want will oldham to come over to my house and give me a private concert in my living room, right now, if possible. That would be rad. I’m tired of football and could use some facial hair in my crib. I have three kinds of leftover pie.

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