Marc Bolan :: T. Rexmas

We’re not sure who the mysterious folks behind the Bolan Boogie Bandcamp are, and even less sure how we missed the  4-track T.Rexmas!  EP they uploaded last December, but here it is.

T.Rexmas! is mainly built around the stomping woulda-been hit “Christmas Bop,” recorded in 1975 for an aborted single that would have been paired with “Telegram Sam” and “Metal Guru.” It’s glammy, with a strong whiff of the disco and soul influence he was picking up from girlfriend Gloria Jones. The rest of the collection is devoted to Bolan esoterica, including a folksy 16-second track from 1971 (recalling the acoustic Tyrannosaurus Rex sound), and a 1972 message produced by Tony Visconti for the Bolan Fan Club (released on flexi-disc), which alternates between good tidings from the band and loose jamming before wrapping up with a blast of “Solid Gold Easy Action,” featuring Jeff Lyne of ELO on guitar.

“Christmas Bop” popped up in Target ad last year, but the song remains an elusive get for T.Rex fans. Grab it quick, and here’s wishing a “Super Funk Christmas” to you and yours. |  j woodbury

Download: T.Rexmas! via Bolan Boogie Bandcamp, HERE. . .

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