Stop Making Sense may have the Big Suit, but if you’re looking for the pinnacle of live Talking Heads footage, I’d point you in the direction of this unbelievable show from Rome, 1980. Completing the Heads’ journey from minimalist to maximalist, it features the expanded, ten-piece lineup blazing through tunes from the just-released masterwork Remain In Light, as well as dynamically re-inventing choice selections from the back catalogue. They still sound like the band of the future more than 30 years later, with careening polyrhythms, interstellar Adrian Belew guitar-work, and P-Funk grooves courtesy of Bernie Worrell. Once in a lifetime, indeed. words/ t wilcox

Talking Heads :: Stardust Ballroom – Los Angeles, Sept. 28, 1979

9 Responses to “Talking Heads :: Live In Rome, 1980 (Full Concert)”

  1. and i now have plans tonight.

  2. This is awesome, thanks!

  3. Never was really much for the Talking Heads besides ‘this must be the place.’ My opinion is now changed. David Byrne’s “play the building” exhibits, on the other hand………

  4. holy crap.

  5. Belew is off the chain.

  6. I still think the very beginning of this live version of Born Under Punches has the best guitar solo of all time. Adrian Belew really knows the ins and outs of his instrument!

  7. Belew’s little blog post about joining Talking Heads is hilarious:

  8. My favorite – the tight hour show. We don’t need 150 min. concerts! (get off my lawn too!)

  9. […] a live concert in Rome (a small city in Italy, famous for defeating the Samnites in 290 b.c.).  Plenty of nerds have spent binary on this footage, so I won’t waste mine, however,after spending most of last […]

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