Christmas Aquarium Drunkard mix

Each December, Brian Reese at Big Rock Candy Mountain deals out a month’s worth of holiday esoterica from the far corners of vintage twang, fuzz, scuzz, r&b, blues, country, garage, lounge and beyond. Keeping it loose, he trims his tree with Red Simpson and Mae West, then tops it off with The Sonics, Hank Snow and Champion Jack Dupree. It’s a heady brew. For those of you with SIRIUS/XM radio, Reese is my guest December 21st…for those of you sans satelite radio, the below 33 track mix is a taste of what your can catch over on the Mountain every December. Go ahead, deck them halls.

Download and tracklisting after the jump. . .

Download: Lit Up Like A Christmas Tree: A Vintage Holiday Mixtape (116 mb)

Jack Scott – There’s Trouble Brewing [A-Side Version]
The Sonics – I Don’t Believe In Christmas
Mae West – Put The Loot In The Boot, Santa
Roosevelt Sykes – Let Me Hang Your Stockings In Your Christmas Tree
Patsy Raye – Beatnik’s Wish
Big John Greer – Santa Do The Mambo
Kay Martin And Her Body Guards – Santa’s Doing The Horizontal Twist
The Marquees – Christmas in the Congo
Tony Rodelle Larson and The Saints – Cool Yule
Babs Gonzales – Be-Bop Santa Claus
Champion Jack Dupree – Santa Claus Blues
Clyde Lasley & The Cadillac Baby Specials – Santa Came Home Drunk
Andre Williams – Poor Mr. Santa
Hasil Adkins – Santa Claus Boogie
Thee Headcoatees – Santa Clause
The Wailers – Christmas Spirit
Nathaniel Mayer – Mr. Santa Claus
Tom Waits – Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis
Brenda Lee – I’m Going To Lasso Santa Claus
Hank Thompson – I’d Like To Have An Elephant For Christmas
Eddie and De Havelon – Christmas Party
Jimmy Butler – Trim Your Tree
Hank Snow – Reindeer Boogie
Red Simpson – Truckin’ Trees For Christmas
Loretta Lynn – To Heck With Ole Santa Claus
Roger Miller – Old Toy Trains
Ernest Tubb & His Texas Troubadours – I’ll Be Walkin’ the Floor This Christmas
Pee Wee King – Rootin’ Tootin’ Santa Claus
Rev. J.M. Gates – Did You Spend Christmas Day In Jail?
The Youngsters – Christmas In Jail
Buck Owens – Santa Looked A lot Like Daddy (Daddy Looked A Lot Like Him)
The Everly Brothers – Christmas Eve Can Kill You
Red Sovine – Here It Is Christmas

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28 Responses to “Lit Up Like A Christmas Tree: A Vintage Holiday Mixtape”

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  2. i concur ^

  3. I make sure to visit Big Rock Candy Mountain at least once a day during the holidays, sometimes twice, just in case I missed something. 🙂

  4. Ditto! Sounds excellent.

  5. I am finding myself strangely fixated on that image…..

  6. Love AD mixes. Happy holidaze, y’all.

  7. Re-Upped

  8. Thank you ever so much, can’t wait to give it a “spin”

  9. Awesomeness! Thanks.

  10. M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S done come early this year

  11. Still can’t download from the spammy, horrible filesharing site. You sure this is still working? Am I missing something?

  12. @mike b – yeah, it works, you just have to navigate that (admittedly) awful hosting site.

  13. Big Rock is THE holiday music destination. He even posts when he is hungover.

    By the way, how did you get a picture of my grandmother decorating her aluminum tree?

  14. On second look, not aluminum. But definitely Grandma.

  15. Good looking mixtape, but link isnt working?

  16. @russell – just checked it, working fine. — AD

  17. Yup, it was my firefox that wasnt working. Thanks!

  18. Listened to this one the whole way through today – awesome!! Thanks a lot!
    (Btw, I think the Wailers track is cut off.)

  19. So good! Burning copies for all my coworkers for xmas.

  20. Can’t get link working. Just downloads iLivid

  21. Tip for above link: Firefox Right-click open new tab.

    Psyched! been waiting all of December for a mix like this, as all of mine are on dead drives.

  22. Santa would never say “Sorry the free services is at full capacity.”

  23. @Pete – try ‘er again. just checked it and all systems go

  24. Thanks for this! should work well for holiday festivities

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  26. Link is working–thank you!

  27. […] Lit Up Like A Christmas Tree: A Vintage Holiday Mixtape […]

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