Once again: New Year’s Eve with Black Lips. New Orleans – One Eyed Jacks. The Orwells and King Louie’s Missing Monuments join the festivities. We’re giving away three pairs of tickets to AD readers. To land a pair, leave your name and email address below. Tickets waiting at will-call night of show; winners notified via email.

33 Responses to “New Year’s Eve :: AD Presents Black Lips, New Orleans”

  1. 🙂

  2. <3 <3 <3 AD, love your stuff.


  3. yessss.

  4. This is awesome, driving down to New Orleans tomorrow!

  5. Forward until dawn!

  6. my mother died yesterday so i am flying south tomorrow. My birthday is tomorrow. I hope i win these.

  7. !!!

  8. jeff joseph yes please I want to go to the show!

  9. Should be super sweet.

  10. looking forward to it!

  11. Love the Black Lips and OEJs!

  12. This would be an amazing way for me and my husband to celebrate our first NYE as a married couple! Here’s to an awesome 2013!

  13. Ticketsssss!!!!!

  14. Black Lips are awesome!

  15. I do not have any personal tragedies to report or credentials, but if selected I promise to dance with vigor and brio.

  16. Love to see me some King Louie…..it’s been too long.

  17. Would be much appreciated. 🙂 Thanks for all the fantastic shows.

  18. Ohyeah

  19. Cause I came, I saw, I conquered all. All ya’ll, all ya’ll, all ya’ll

  20. Love AD and BL

  21. i could sure use with a couple of tix.
    u have no idea

  22. May I suggest that this number be covered

  23. I fucking love The Orwells. Party on. #nye #greatstart #newyear #goingnomatterwhat

  24. here we go

  25. driving all the way from KY for some rock and roll…can.not.wait.

  26. i know the blacklips from back in ATL.

    This will be a fun show. Please add me to the contest.

    thank you

  27. ahh you are one of my favorite blog authors! and black lips are one of my favorite bands! I NEED, I mean, WOULD REALLY LOVE this!

  28. @Justin Honeycutt, hell yeah. great song

  29. woohoo

  30. Can’t wait to see The Black LIps!!

  31. Bad Kids. Happy New Year.

  32. Will be in town for this and would love free tickets!

  33. May I enter more than once?? Super broke & starving ears…..

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