Speaking of the Band, here’s one from an old mix I put together entitled Band Not Band. In short, the homemade compilation consisted of tunes from stylistically simpatico artists — most of whom were contemporaries of the Band (e.g. Goose Creek Symphony, shack-era Link Wray, etc). Here’s the song that kicked it off, Clover’s “Mr. Moon” — a little slice of country rock, a la The Big Pink, from the seat of early 70s Mill Valley, CA.

MP3: Clover :: Mr. Moon

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  1. ‘Band not Band’ sounds like a pretty incredible mix. Think you could re-up that? I can’t find it in the recesses of the interweb

  2. This is great. I gotta dig up more of these guys.

  3. I would love to hear that “Band not Band” mix!!!

  4. Don’t know if I’ve heard this — sounds great. These are the same dudes who backed up Costello on My Aim Is True, right? And later became Huey Lewis’ News? What a weird career.

  5. @Tylerw – yeah, same dudes who backed EC at the end of the decade (sans huey).

  6. So good it makes my cry…

  7. Delicious! why don’t you reveal the complete track-listing of “Band Not Band”?

  8. Thirded the request for the “Band Not Band” mix. Even just the tracklist would be nice.

  9. I’d like to hear Band Not Band too! Please.

  10. Band Not Band tracklist would be cool. Do it.

  11. I also want the Band not band mix!

  12. Yes! Please post the Band not band tracklist!

  13. yes, send the Band not Band playlist, what else could be on it? Brinsley Schwarz? Bobby Charles? Borderline?

  14. Just like to add my name to list of people wanting to see the ‘Band Not Band’ playlist!

  15. […] of inquiries per the Band Not Band compilation I mentioned earlier this month, re: Clover’s “Mr. Moon”. The original […]

  16. here’s the wiki link to the Clover page…

    I had them all at one time. The first two on Fantasy are very Band-Creedence-like. Great LPS. The 3rd and 4th released in the US in 1977 on Mercury-Phonogram are closer to a Doobie Brothers vibe, ironic since multi-instrumentalist John McFee from Clover would eventually join the Doobies and still works sessions. Great musicianship on both (and a bearded Huey Lewis on board mostly on Harp and vocals) but lost in the flood that was 1977 musically. I wouldn’t mind revisiting them again and see what I missed by not digging deeper and listening longer. I guess I just preferred their earlier incarnation.

    I’d add them to the infamous self-contained backing band dead end arc with bands like The Grease Band, Brinsley Shwartz, and The Rumour who made their name backing someone else and who eventually did LPs on their own. Shit, Clover never REALLY got the credit for Costello’s first till much later.Yeah, I know Toto kind of broke free, but they weren’t my style ( except for ‘Africa’)

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