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Turquoise Wisdom here with another installment of my Sad Seasons mixtape series for AD. This time around we’re thinking about winter. ps- I have officially joined the future and started a ‘lil website to regularly post jams from my record collection, that’s here: playitasitlathes.com — and I’m also now here: @turquoisewisdom and soundcloud. Onward! zc/tw

Download: Turquoise Wisdom: Like A Coat From The Cold (A Mixtape)

1. Terry Callier – Dancing Girl (excerpt) – What Color Is Love – Cadet (w/ a sampled introduction by Gil Scott Heron. RIP to both of you.)
2. Robert Wyatt – Biko – Work In Progress – Rough Trade
3. Henri Texier – Le Piroguier – Amir – Eurodisc
4. Talk Talk – I Believe In You – Spirit Of Eden – Parlophone
5. Byrds – Triad (DJ Steef “Triolisme” Edit) – 12″ – Magic Wand
6. Arthur Russel – Arm Around You – Calling Out Of Context – Rough Trade/Audika
7. You Gotta Woman (Abel Edit) – 12″ – ESP Institute
8. Ebo Taylor – Come Along – Afro Beat Airwaves – Analog Africa
9. Brigitte Fontaine & Areski – La Harpe Jaune – Vous Et Nous – Saravah
10. Smog – I Feel Like The Mother Of The World – A River Ain’t Too Much To Love – Drag City
11. R Stevie Moore – Time Standstill – Glad Music – New Rose
12. Big Star – Kanga Roo – The Third Album – Aura
13. Harold Budd – The Chill Air – Ambient 2: The Plateaux Of Mirror – Editions EG
14. Bill Fay – Cosmic Concerto (Life Is People) – Life Is People – Dead Oceans

artwork: courtesy of the lovely and talented jess rotter

21 Responses to “Turquoise Wisdom: Like A Coat From The Cold (A Mixtape)”

  1. still have his last one in regular rotation

  2. The ish is strong in this one. Best mixtape in quite some time.

  3. !happy 2013!

  4. gonna shake these winter blues

  5. yeah!

  6. none better

  7. That Byrds remix is great! This has been the perfect soundtrack to my evening. And I’m only halfway through it!

  8. Eclectic and perfect !

  9. My grampeppers name was Henry Texer RIP, solid mix.

  10. The “Turquoise Wisdom: Like A Coat From The Cold” sounds good. Very mind blowing song. Nice one!

  11. doublegood. any chance of getting this as a zip file? love it.

  12. Nice pacing, excellent mix.

  13. Thanks!

  14. Been listening to this quite a bit. Thanks for a great mix

  15. Like an eclectic blanket.

  16. this is really just exactly what everyone needs right now. on the real.

  17. That’s a hell of a playlist. Nice Budd/Eno mixed in. Well done, sir.

  18. is that arthur russell track just a tad sped up? TELL ME PLEASE

  19. I’m dusting the snow off of this one. This has been an especially perfect mix for me to find inspiration and the will to make it through winter this year. That Byrds remix right into Arthur Russell gets me every time. Thank you.

  20. Would be lovely to have a re-upload from this!

  21. A half decade on… I’ve played this one out every winter since 2013 and it still resonates. Thank you.

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