While my perception of “winter” has wholly changed since moving to California 11 years ago, Bunyan’s haunting 1966 rendering of “Winter Is Blue” continues to inhabit the season existentially. Culled from an unreleased acetate, later tackedĀ  on the reissue of Just Another Diamond Day, the track cuts right through sunny and 75 L.A. in January. Call it achingly beautiful aural sleet and snow.

MP3: Vashti Bunyan :: Winter Is Blue (1966 Acetate)

3 Responses to “Vashti Bunyan :: Winter Is Blue (1966 Acetate)”

  1. Had my middle school choir sing this a few years back. So much pathos is hurt. Brilliant song.

  2. Beautiful song.

  3. Those getting into Vashti should dig up Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind, a b-sides and rarities compilation that AD would do well to write up

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