Goose Creek Symphony 1970

Lots of inquiries per the Band Not Band compilation I mentioned earlier this month, re: Clover’s “Mr. Moon”. The original CD-R has since been lost to the sands of various moves, road trips, etc., though I still recall much of the track selection, and will be posting it, piecemeal, over the next few months. Following Clover, track two was Goose Creek Symphony’s “A Satisfied Mind” – yet another vintage joint very much in the vein of Big Pink/Brown Album era Band.

MP3: Goose Creek Symphony :: A Satisfied Mind

4 Responses to “Goose Creek Symphony :: A Satisfied Mind (Band Not Band)”

  1. Oh mean — tell me something off Free Beer’s self-titled is on there.

  2. Loving this right now.

  3. did you ever post anymore of these Band Not Band songs?

  4. I love to hear more songs that you can remember off of the Band Not Band compilation. Thanks!

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