I slid this slice of psych-folk into the latest Sidecar podcast (Transmission 11) earlier this week to a number of inquiries. The provenance of “Houses” is via the 2001 Orange Twin reissue of Elyse Weinberg’s 1968 self-titled debut. That’s Neil Young lending a hand on guitar, and his appearance reportedly marks the first recorded document of Shakey making use of his distinctive “Old Black” (Les Paul/Fender amp) set-up.

MP3: Elyse :: Houses (w/ Neil Young)

7 Responses to “Elyse :: Houses (w/ Neil Young)”

  1. Have always dug this cut…thanks for marching it out. Any chance you still have that “This of the past” origin track comp that was on here like 5 years ago? I lost it to a dead computer and would love to have again.

  2. @J Kinsel – yeah, i put that comp together in 2007 or so. . .it may still exist on a hard drive somewhere

  3. I always loved Vetiver’s cover on Thing of the past. Thanks for the original….

  4. Totally new to me, and wunnerful! What a great Skip Spence-y vibe….

  5. Folks would do well to check out “Band of Thieves,” which is the most rollicking track off that altogether solid LP.

  6. […] voice, which exudes a dusty, quavering quality, not unlike that of another source for Vetiver – Elyse Weinberg. The sound itself is all together more countrified and electric – its atmosphere far less dreamy […]

  7. […] Weinberg is a longtime favorite of Aquarium Drunkard, whose husky voice was introduced to many via folk rockers Vetiver. In 2001, her long lost debut, […]

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