filming morning of the earth

Our brother in arms, Turquoise Wisdom, entered the digital sphere last month with Play As It Lathes, an audio diary of recently ripped vinyl from his stacks. The January 9 entry highlights the lethargic, faded vibe that is Peter Howe’s “I’m Alive”, culled from the soundtrack to 1971’s seminal Aussie surf film Morning Of The Earth.  If you have yet to dip into this set, I’m envious — the 40th anniversary edition of the soundtrack was just released this past December, and is available for purchase, here.

MP3: Peter Howe :: I’m Alive

3 Responses to “Peter Howe :: I’m Alive (Morning Of The Earth)”

  1. Love it. AD turned me on to this soundtrack years back. Much obliged.

  2. loved this one since I first heard it on one of the Reverberation mixes from a while back.

  3. AD – what was that 70s surf comp you posted 3/4 years back? i think this was on it?

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