Clocking in at 9+ minutes, while effortlessly retaining its coziness, this unexpected dose of new Kurt Vile marks the first taste from his forthcoming LP, Wakin on a Pretty Daze, out April 9th via Matador. King of the 21st century loll, I expect this and the upcoming Phosphorescent record to dominate Spring listening.

MP3: Kurt Vile :: Wakin On A Pretty Day

7 Responses to “Kurt Vile :: Wakin On A Pretty Day”

  1. wayyy stoked for this record

  2. the dude burns. but i wish he was a little more consistent with his live shows. regardless, he’s making some of my fav music presently.

  3. Thanks, this song is fantastic. Love a nine minute jam!

  4. This is just great

  5. You’re not kidding. First song to sing through my ears on this fine February Monday. Can’t think of a better way to listen to the start of my week. Cheers!

  6. Amen.

  7. The the only contender for the title of “King of the 21st century loll”, probably because who in Hell wants it? Dude needs a haircut, I’m just sayin’. Cut it in half, Kurt. Photos r dull 2.

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