aquarium drunkard 2013 sxsw

Uh huh, it’s almost that time of year again, so let’s do this. Our fiesta is going down Wednesday night, March 13th at Hype Hotel – 301 Brazos Street (3rd and San Jacinto). Come hang. Free booze.

DJ Sets: Mondo Boys — Set times to come. See you in Texas.

Lineup: Jim James ++ Phosphorescent ++ Foxygen ++ The Orwells ++ Twin Peaks ++ Calvin Love

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22 Responses to “Aquarium Drunkard: SXSW 2013 Boogie – Wednesday, March 13th”

  1. +1

  2. This looks like the night

  3. design porn/lineup win

  4. Twin Peaks are my chi bros. I’m there.

  5. Tight!

  6. ok so thanks for making my wednesday e-z

  7. just caught wind of the new Phosphorescent vibes. stoked to see what he does with it live.

  8. Sweet! Calvin Love!!!!

  9. Is this an official showcase or a first-come, first served affair? Seriously debating the trek from Houston if the badged don’t get first priority…

  10. Anyway to buy this poster?

  11. @mark – its a night party this year, so wristbands/badges or Hype RSVP as we get closer to the date (stay tuned).

  12. Makes me wish I was in LA!

  13. YES, please post it up when Mondo boys are doing their thing. Thank you

  14. So very very there.

  15. @Satisfied ’75 — Oh, is it a wristband only thing? Drag.

    Last year Hype Hotel parties were open to anyone who RSVP’d and was willing to wait in line for a “room key” card. Not this year?

  16. Looks like the Burger Records showcase into the boogie woogie for me on Wednesday. Thanks for hosting y’all! Can’t wait to check this out.

  17. this poster gave me a design boner only overshadowed by the music boner it also gave me

  18. Makes me wish I designed this poster.

    So cool. So, so cool.

  19. YA

  20. […] I were staying for the music portion of the festival I’d definitely checkout Justin’s Aquarium Drunkard Showcase and the OhMyRockness/InSound […]

  21. +2, pretty please.

  22. I would totally buy this poster if it were available! Delicious!

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