distant correspondent

There are plenty of problems with the modern era of music making, but technology can sometimes be a splendid thing. How else would a group of transatlantic talents from such far-flung locales as Colorado, Texas and the UK be able to come together to form Distant Correspondent? The aptly-named collective will undoubtedly gain attention as the new project of the great Drag City songwriter Edith Frost, whose last album appeared way back in 2005. But Frost fans may be a little surprised — pleasantly — by the sound, which owes quite a bit to the classic 4AD sound of the 80s, with moody, shimmering guitar tones recalling the work of Cocteau Twins’ Robin Guthrie. On “Listen,” Frost and guitarist/vocalist David Obuchowski offer up lovely, hushed harmonies over a gentle-but-insistent beat, as Emily Gray (who some may remember from the UK post rock group Meanwhile Back In Communist Russia) drops in for a daring bit of spoken word. It’s a wintery delight.  words/ t wilcox

MP3: Distant Correspondent :: Listen

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